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Lost Warrior Book Series is an immersive journey into the lives of 1700’s Cherokee. The primal love of centuries old traditions threatened, they fight with unabashed brutality to defend their people and all that is sacred.


Lost Warrior Part III – Sons of Fire (Release Date: Spring of 2020)





Lost Warrior Part 1 – available on  Amazon.com


 I am honored to receive the best reviews that I will ever have…

Jay Johnson – A long long time ago, in a village just East of the West,, Lah-ree found a fire, and when he came upon it, he looked around, but nobody was to be seen.. so he sat by it. After some time, Lah-ree saw people come out of the fire, in the smoke,.. And as he watched.. he realized they were acting out their lives.. And Lah-ree watched, and paid attention to this, as if a dream. And these things made sense, from the paper things, and the words of stories from long past. So Lah-ree learned how to make the same bird tracks, to share what he saw with others. Shkee, Thank you Larry Thomas
Ocie Woolsey
August 10
I was gifted this book, entitled LOST WARRIOR (Part I) a few months ago. When I brought it home, I could barely lay it down long enough to prepare dinner or anything else. The story of our people, our Warriors, and our homelands kept me captivated to the end. I understand that Part II of the LOST WARRIOR will be available in October in which I can hardly wait to read. I highly recommend that you read this enlightening book and get an understanding of the respect and strength our old ones displayed. Thank you, Larry Thomas, for writing this history handed down to you, your time consuming research, and sharing with us…..Cherokee Blessings, Ocie
Elaine Winter
August 11
I highly recommend Lost Warrior to anyone wanting an in depth knowledge about early Cherokee history. Author Larry Thomas, provides up close and personal relationships with Nancy Ward, Dragging Canoe and Oconostota. And most of all, Lost Warrior gives valuable information about our sacred Cherokee homeland Chota.

‎Robert Justice‎ to Lost Warrior
August 18
I was recommend Lost Warriors by a close friend of mine.From page one.I had a hard time putting the Book down.It takes you down a path forgotten by most. The people,places and events that happen. Will provide you with a glimpse into the lives of a people who were fighting for their Land, culture and traditions. This is one of the best Books I have ever read.And I can’t wait for the release of the second Book

Jan.12,2019 THIS IS THE REVIEW FROM RAWHIDE, MY HEAD WARRIOR, THAT I SENT YOUR BOOKS TO. HE POSTED IT ON MY WALL WHEN I SPOKE OF NANCY WARD: Sock Tsalagi Rawhide I read both the books “lost Warrior “ and “Last days of greatness “ both were excellent and gave an inside view of our People’s lives and struggles as the White man eventually took everything from them , their sadness, sorrow and fear of their future was depicted as if you were there experiencing this time in history with them. The inner struggles of the mixed blood Cherokee had an impact on me. I highly recommend these books to everyone, including those who do not have any Cherokee blood, as it will give great insight to our People’s history…history such as this is what ensures our heritage is not lost. With Cherokee love and respect. Sock Tsalagi Rawhide

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